Sunday, 19 January 2014

Solar Payoff Calculator

Yukod Software is happy to announce that it has made another useful app. After getting stuck with a heap of questions in regards to finding out the best solar power system to buy for our house we realized that we were getting slowed down by calculations in regards to how long it would take for the power system to pay itself off. Furthermore, we wanted to know exactly what sort of effect an efficiency drop or increase in an inverter or wiring materials would have on the payoff period and this slowed down the calculations even more. We then embarked on a mission to search the internet in order to find a tool to help us with this but there were none that met our needs. We had no choice but to make a calculator for ourselves, and the idea has paid itself off already! We were able to use our calculator to compare a dozen different solar system deals and finally select one that was best suited for our premises. We saved around $2000 by selecting a system that is best optimised for our house!

You can now do the same and help yourself with our calculator as we have published it under the name Solar Payoff Calculator Pro. It features a simple user interface with all the necessary boxes at your fingertips and calculations updated immediately after each value is changed. The calculator estimates the payoff time even if you don't have all the information, such as losses or feed in tariffs. Because we made the calculator for our own use there is still some room for error in terms of users entering data that is not sensible. If we see that there is sufficient interest we may invest more work into this and make the necessary updates, but until then please familiarise yourself with all the terms and calculations so that you can make the best estimates possible.

A free (Lite) version of the app is also available which has all the capabilities as the full version except the database (which is capped to 3 entries) and the power rating, which is capped at 3500W (come on, if you invest $5000 for a 4kW system, you might as well invest $10 into an app that will help you save anywhere from $500-2000!).

As we have written a little more about the app on Google Play store, we advise that you head over there to check out the description and the screenshots! Link on the pic below.

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